Friday, May 27, 2011

Wii - Install HBC (Home Brew Channel) - and play games from USB HD

Nintendo Wii has proven to be a very nice console that keeps lots of people around the TV, jumping, hoping and struggling to keep up with the 'electronic monsters'.

The thing is, doesn't matter how much fun you have playing your games, it is always a new one out there that needs to be tried out. It is quite an expensive fun especially when you have to feed the needs of few 'hungry' kidz or maybe adults.
Wii games prices are UP and as long as we spend money buying them, at this high prices, they will stay up.

Why you can't get freebies for Wii?
Now, freebies are in big demand for other hardware platforms as PCs or smartphones.
Markets are full of apps, games, tools for free and/or at low prices.
Big boys are making good money from Wii games and accessories and are not willing to stop.

There is a 'movement' called "The homebrew channel" that gives you access to free apps and games for Wii - all  developed and offered as freeware by good people.
Offer is not huge, but covers Utilities, Audio, Video, OS, Math.

OK, apps, games for free, but how can we install HBC (homebrew channel) to be able to play them?
And most important HBC offers the possibility of playing 'back-up' games stored on a USB hard-drive.

So, how do we install HBC?

First stop will be at , download page, here you find few hacks that will let you install the HBC.
The thing is all depends what WII IOS (Wii Operating System) version do you have. If is too new, the exploit won't work or are not quite easy to apply.
You can get great help from Lifehacker site - they have posted installation methods/tutorials for each individual hack.

In my case - WII IOS 4.3xx -Bathaxx was the solution, and it worked smoothly.
About Bathaxx: Bathaxx is an exploit found in the game LEGO Batman. The exploit was made by Team Twiizers & lewurm.

Once you see this image on your Wii, you should celebrate the first victory.

Now, you have to install few more things on your Wii and then play from USB HD, save games on USB HD, download covers, cheats....lots of goodies.
What needs to be done?
Install  DOP-Mii v12
Install  cIOS
Install  USB Loader GX


The guys from Lifehacker have a spot on tutorial about this.

 Install and enjoy playing Wii from USB HD.

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