Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well, this is not quite a real article, this is just another gyhwesaa like example. We just want to see how quick Google picks up this new word opmdcsdcpb and how we will rank in search results for this 'word'.

As gyhwesaa, opmdcsdcpb is a perfect example of keyword with almost no competition and very low number of searches.
This original article will have to compete against few lots of copy-paste articles that will contain the same fabricated word opmdcsdcpb in them. Let's see how they will rank against each oder.

Fly opmdcsdcpb, fly opmdcsdcpb!


  1. They are pretty fast, in 10min the opmdcsdcpb was #1 in Google.
    Let's create some copy-cats and see how they will rank against each other....

  2. Wordpress was crawled by Google in 2min after posting. Impressive.

  3. Wordpress was ranked behing Blogspot though, for the same published srticle.
    Well Worpress was published last.

    Let's modify/update Worpress article and see if it can improve in ranking.

  4. 20min after - same order still
    I have added the text in few other BLOGs located on various websites, but obviously these sites are not crawled so often as big blog sites.

  5. reached 66 links in SERP all with opmdcsdcpb
    Now is nice to see how you can rank better ONE against the others....

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