Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Primary Health Care Patient Data Management System

Primary Health Care Patient Data Management System is a database that manages patient, providers and a number of healthcare services provided by RFDSV:
  • Mobile Dental Care
  • Mobile Eye Care
  • Cardiology TeleHealth
  • Diabetics TeleHealth
  • Field Day Oral Health
  • Field Day Diabetics Risk Assessment

All data is presented in the main screen Dashboard for easy interpretation:

Complex forms record all requires details about patient and providers:

An advanced search form makes it easy to find any detail recorded in the patient data management system:

If you are interested to find more about NS-PHCPDMS visit us at:

Cheers, Nick

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Google vs Bing

We all search the internet for almost everything nowadays...
No more Phone Books, Yellow Pages or other paper directories are used. No matter how young or old we are we all google it...

Why not bing it?

Google has proven to be a giant when we are talking about Internet search and their number one status is there for a reason.
Lots of algorithm changes, pays attention to people desire to get quickly the most accurate search results, ranks pages based on their value...no more just backlinks, backlinks.

Bing has its merits too, Bing outpace Google when you are talking about text translation. Google machine language is not quite there and is awkward at best in many instances.

How much traffic Google gets - based on Semrush:


How much Traffic Bing gets - based on Semrush:

But when we talk about translating text...picture is totally different.
Bing outpace Google by big, big margin...

Still, what browser we'll open first...

More interesting stats coming soon.

Cheers, Nick 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Convert Excel Spreadsheet to Web Application

No more Excel

An easy way to get rid of old, slow and annoying Excel Spreadsheets and convert to slick web based databases is to use PHPRunner and create a database in minutes.
PHPRunner is the best ever PHP code generator and it can be customised in so many ways.

If you don't have time for it and you are too busy doing what you are doing best, drop us a line and we'll convert your Excel Spreadsheet to Web Based Application for you.

Contact: cutomDB@nicks-software.com