Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sony Xperia Z1 Screen easily picks up scratches


Got this new gorgeous phone Sony Xperia Z1 and it looks and feels amazing. 
It has premium looks and premium hardware spec.

Sony advertise the phone as:

Then why my phone looks like a 3 years old, scratched phone after 2 weeks of light use?

The truth is Sony use scratch resistant glass, which is tough and good quality, but this glass is covered with ASF - Anti Shatter Film - which is absolutely low quality and catches scratches just rubbing your nails on it.

So, what can be done? 
Looks like the only sensible thing to do is to change the AFS layer by yourself, coz telcos and Sony give you BS only.  
Maybe once they get more similar complains they will treat the problem differently.

Removing the ASF you will loose the Sony logo, which is baked into this screen protector rather than etched onto the glass.
And also voids the warranty, they say....which is harsh and unfair having in mind that their ASF layer is faulty and low quality.

If your Xperia Z1 is not scratched yet you should hurry and buy a screen protector that probably is better and will last longer than the original ASF layer.

If your phone is scratched already, here are some good tips on how to remove the ASF without creating more damage to your phone.

Hope it helps to keep your Xperia Z1 scratch free, as it should be.