Saturday, August 24, 2013


Well, dummy words have no search or competition on the WEB. Let's write NickSoftware reversed erawtfoskcin and see how quick Google index it and how this mini article will rank in SERP.

My guess, in two minutes, it will be ranking page 1 in SERP for keyword erawtfoskcin.

OK, let's count.

Got number one in SERP in two days.

Nick's Software

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Behind the scene - backlinks report - Alexa top 5 websites - Google, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, Baidu

Top 5 websites on the web  - everybody would like to get there, but for now the privilege is still within big boys reach only.

As per Alexa Top Sites the TOP 5 websites on the web is:
1. Google
4. Yahoo!
5. Baidu

We all know how these sites look like and what they offer.
Also we know that they are very popular among us, and we ALL use them daily, more or less.

But, what's behind the scene? 
What's the domain comparison between these ".com(s)"? 
Why are in top 5, besides their obvious impeccable content and attraction to us? 
Why is Google number one and Facebook number two?

Social Media 

Google is mentioned 3mil+ times in Google+, when Facebook has only 22K links in Google+, Youtube is a champion in Google+ with 7mil+ links and then Yahoo has 100K+ and Baidu about 3K.

On Twitter Facebook is the leader of the pack with 52K links followed by Youtube with 17K, Google and Baidu with 7K and Yahoo with few hundreds...

FLikes - of course Facebook leads the pack again with about 3.5mil, Google and Youtube follow with about 1mil+ and the other guys are below a mil.

FShares - Google has more than Facebook!!! - but both are close together at 4.2mil+ with Youtube coming next at 3mil and Yahoo at 900K and Baidu at 9K...

How many links the top 5 have?
Answer is lots....

Facebook - 7.7 billions 
Youtube - 3 billions
Google - 1.9 billions
Baidu - 240 millions
Yahoo - 39 millions

What's their backlinks profile?

How many referring domains do they have?

So, why Google is first?
I think, because Facebook doesn't have a search engine yet and Yahoo is all about rich content, Youtube is in no aggression pact area and Baidu is a non english search engine....

Will it change in the near future?
Can't see any big challenger coming from outside top 5:
7. QQ
10. Amazon

But for sure I would like to see how top 5 will unfold once Facebook enters a bit more seriously in the search engine market.

What's your view...
Leave a comment below.