Thursday, April 21, 2011 HTC Desire HD - No SIM Card in Phone HTC Desire HD - No SIM Card in Phone: "Took me few months to realize how bad, as a phone, the HTC Desire HD is...especially if you also have a dodgy carrier that has poor ..."


  1. Good News!!!
    The repair shop was very fast this time and they nailed the forth and back they found SIM car reader as being faulty and also antenna - they replaced them both and upgraded the handset software to latest revision and apparently it passed all RF tests. Anyway PHONE works now and behaves normally....still CJ coverage sucks, but repair guys did a great job. Thanks.

  2. I tested the phone for 10 hours by now and it worked OK....still Vodafone/CJ coverage sucks and the official Android stock drains too much battery. Anyway, I'm happy too have a phone too play with, not just a too small tablet PC with WIFI ONLY...

  3. More about repair - phone's working fine - no issue - they fix it properly - now we will go and fit a custom ROM - I'm searching for best custom ROM available for HTC Desire HD. Any suggestions?
    My findings had been posted - let us now yours.

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