Thursday, December 20, 2012


Well, this is not quite a real article, this is just another gyhwesaa like example. We just want to see how quick Google picks up this new word iisamiitromiutuf and how we will rank in search results for this 'word'.

As gyhwesaa, opmdcsdcpb, iisamiitromiutuf is a perfect example of keyword with almost no competition and very low number of searches.
This original article will have to compete against few lots of copy-paste articles that will contain the same fabricated word iisamiitromiutuf in them. Let's see how they will rank against each other.
iisamiitromiutuf rules.


  1. took Google 2min to have it indexed and available in SERP.... bloody fast.

  2. nice! i have just "googled" iisamiitromiutuf and got 2 answers indicating your blog

  3. Guess what the title mesns? Coz it actually means something