Sunday, July 10, 2011

SEO Tips - Part I

Search Engine Optimization Tips – Part 1

SEO is so important for any Site, without a proper SEO campaign you can’t get known and high in any SERP.

But what exactly you need to do in order to be ranked higher?

I. Choose carefully your keywords – they have to be relevant for your business and also achievable. Check KEY, INTITLE, INANCHOR numbers – rank your keys.

II. On-Site optimization – optimize the meta title and meta description of all your landing pages – using your targeted keywords.

III. Make links using your targeted keywords – do follow, no follow, exchange links, one way links, web directories, articles, blog articles, blog comments – all matters – use your targeted keywords as anchors.

IV. Have a strong presence on Social Media – all these help getting more links and traffic – Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter…

V. Maintain BLOG(s) – have a blog on your domain – easy way to grow your content – maintain few other blogs on Sites highly ranked and indexed very often – Blogspot, WordPress, Posterous, Squidoo….

VI. USE SEO Software Tools -  of course is much easier to use software instead of manually tracking your progress. Useful SEO software packages: SEO Administrator and SEO Powersuite

Starting with “Search Engine Optimization Tips – Part 2” we will give you more details about SEO categories 1 to 6 highlighted above.