Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Android 2.3.3 problems on HTC Desire HD

As many others, I have updated the HTC DESIRE HD to the new Gingerbread - Android 2.3.3, hoping to get a better OS...as  I knew that the new OS iteration comes with new forms of communication for developers and users, including better Near Field Communications (NFC) capabilities, so that developers can start delivering contactless, proximity-based applications.

On top of NFC we all hoped to improve battery life and proxy issue for wireless networks.

But, I've updated my HTC Desire HD from android 2.2 to 2.3.3 few days ago, and my battery life is dramatically shortened now... before i charged my phone every 2 days and now battery is gone is less then 10hours.

Many others seems to have issues with WiFi, GSM, GPS since the update - issue being - decreased signal levels and multiple dropouts in areas where everything worked fine with Android 2.2.
Personally, I haven't noticed WiFi, GSM, GPS issues, but a 10h battery life is killing me.

I'm interested to get a FIX for this troubled version Android 2.3.3 - Gingerbread!
Anybody knows when 2.3.4 will be released - post here.
Or, can we roll back to 2.2?

My HTC Desire HD - got sick again....


  1. Is Android 2.3.4 fixing all these problems that we had with 2.3.3??

  2. The Android Revolution HD Team launched their version of Gingerbread.

    I might install it to see how it works, they where pretty good with their other custom ROMs.

  3. Hate the new 2.3.3 softwear esp the APP page sectionalised scroll and its childish looking waste of time bar at the bottom of the screen and want to revert back to 2.2. Same issues as Nick with the added complication that when the softwear did not install correctly in the first instance I could not access my contacts or Calender due to a pop up box blocking everything, which when deleted popped up again after 1 to 2 seconds. I ended up loosing the lot. Returned the phone to Vodafone and they sent it back with a useable softwear version 2.3.3 after I specifically told them to re-install the previous softwear version. Now its going back.. Hopefully it will return with SV 2.2

  4. Nexus One got Android 2.3.4 - because Nexus has a 'virgin' version of Android, hope it will be released soon for HTC HD

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  6. Called Crazy John's today, they don't have a clue about any new Android 2.3.4 release and as far as they know, Android 2.3.3 works perfect.... Great. Another customer satisfaction index down the drain...and no real information obtained after waiting on hold for 2o min.

  7. still no news from HTC or Vodafone about release of 2.3.4 for AU customers.....stick and sutvive with 2.3.3 for now

  8. I am in the same boat, updated to 2.3.3 on my desire hd and now not able to connect to network at all, im with vodafone australia also

  9. got an OTA software update today, it left Android at 2.3.3, but updated the Build Number to't know yet if it will fix anything.

  10. Build number is even worst. Now you can't add app. as a short cut on the home screen.

  11. Updated a week ago to 2.3.5 with HTC Sense 3.0....very nice, but now I'm almost all the time on GSM and WCDMA doesn't kick in in places where used to be available....on short....can't download anything, not even check emails/facebook coz is so slow.

    Did you experience this issue with Android 2.3.5?

  12. Having same thing here. My Wifi was fine until about two weeks ago when I upgraded the OS to 2.3.5. Now it connects sporadically to my router (and takes an age to obtain IP address), if at all, and even when it is connected I can't access the net most of the time. I've tried 3 different brands of router, including a brand new one, and the same behaviour. I can access the net fine with other devices so it's not the router or modem. I have a limited data plan so it's particularly annoying.