Password Keeper

  is a password manager system that offers total protection for your private information and user friendly features that helps you manage efficiently and securely your users, passwords, links, notes and other private data.
Your data are kept in 256-Bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard - Rijndael) encrypted files.
This cipher is regarded as very secure and is widely used by Banks, US Administration and US Army.

Easy to use

Simple, intuitive and user friendly access to all the features makes it very easy to use.

PLF - Password Like File

It is a key file that completes your protection. A key file provides a better security than master passwords. The most secure and convenient is to use a master key and a key file. In this way, nobody can log in without having/knowing both of them.

Better Protection

To protect yourself against key-loggers we provide a virtual keyboard, to protect yourself against memory dumps we encrypt all info kept in memory while program is running.

Comprehensive search function

You can search for any info recorded in the database from an easy to use single search box. Fast search engine delivers very fast the desired result.

Clipboard Management

Info are kept in clipboard for a maximum 30 seconds and are automatically wiped off once you completed a copy paste operation or if maximum time expired.


You can copy paste user, password, links, but AUTO FILL is much easier. Just select your record and click AUTO FILL. Site/program is opened automatically and user, password automatically are filled in. In a moment you are ready to use your account.

Build-in password strength checker and strong password generator

When you open a new account we can check the password for you and provide feedback about its strength. If you always want to have and use strong passwords, let our strong password generator to pick one for you.

Storing Notes

Provided fields are not enough? In the Notes/Comments field you can enter anything you want. Unlimited length.... This text is still fully searchable and fully encrypted.
Successfully tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7

DropBox ready.