Hyper Desktop Search

 it's not just a fast files finder or just a desktop search, it let you open, copy, paste, delete, preview your results. Its smart and amazingly fast indexing system is always up to date allowing searching algorithm to give you the most accurate and reliable outputs.
Even when you have millions of files, Hyper Search will not let you down. It will find the e-mail or the file that you are after.

Amazingly fast
Using lite and amazingly fast SQLITE database technology, Hyper Search delivers in a split second the right results..
Amazingly accurate and powerful
Files ranking is done based on file types and based on your previous successful hits. Hyper Search learns your preferences. Files, e-mails content is indexed and help searching algorithm to find the desired content. Besides, newer files means more interest...and we deliver them first, if any other option doesn't fit. You can search using multiple words and/or partial words.
Files Manipulation
From Hyper Search you can run/start applications or open files, you can open the directory containing the files, you can copy, delete, preview files and see their details.
Successfully tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7.
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